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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video PokerOne of the most popular online video poker games is Deuces Wild. This game uses a standard 52-card deck with all four 2s (known as Deuces) taking on the identity of wild cards. Because the player has the advantage in this game, considering the presence of four wild cards, the lowest pay out for a winning hand is three of a kind. This means nothing lower than three of a kind will make you any money. You will get nothing for making any single or 2 pair hands.

Full Houses and Flushes may not seem to be worth the player's effort, but be patient and don't forget you're going to be hitting them far more often than in other games because of the presence of wild cards.

There are also a few hands you can have in a Wild game that simply don't exist in other games. You can have Five of a Kind, for instance, using a deuce. Keep in mind, though, that Four of a Kind can pay more than Five of a Kind if all four cards are Deuces. Royal Flushes, on the other hand, don't mean much unless you earn it the hard way no wild cards.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Pay Tables

As is the case with other slot machine and video poker games, the pay schedule can and will fluctuate between different casinos and even among different games within the same casino. A Full House may pay 4 coins here, or 6 down the street. So pay attention to the pay schedules! Here I will present a typical pay schedule for a Deuces Wild game. Notice the huge difference in payout between big hands and less valuable ones the premium in this game is on flushes and above. The left column represents a minimum bet, and the right column represents a maximum bet.

Royal flush 250 4000
Four deuces 200 1000
Royal flush with deuces 25 125
Five of a kind 15 75
Straight flush 9 45
Four of a kind 4 20
Full house 4 20
Flush 3 15
Straight 2 10
Three of a kind 1 5

The presence of wild cards make interesting strategic differences. In fact, the strategy for playing with wild cards is so different that some players will play ONLY wild games.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips

Here are some tips for Deuces Wild video poker:

  • Never hold onto a single ace or any other stereotypical high card- it will do nothing for your chances at winning.
  • Don't forget that two pair equals no money in this game. So never hold on to two pair. Discard one of the pairs and draw three cards, hoping for at least a three of a kind.
  • Don't ever discard a deuce, for the obvious reason that they are wild. The only time you might discard a deuce is if you are trying to build a natural royal flush.
  • Finally, as a rule, you don't want to play on a machine that has less than a 5:1 payout for a four of a kind.

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