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Jacks or Better

In Jacks or Better, the player tries to form the best hand he can, internet video poker
with a pair of Jacks being the lowest scoring hand and the ever-elusive Royal Flush paying out the most. This is considered the first video poker game it is the easiest for new players to understand . Think of Jacks or Better as vanilla ice cream, plain, no toppings. Not that its boring sometimes vanilla hits the spot. The pay table is important in choosing your Jacks or Better game because of the huge difference between your standard 9/6 game and the 8/5 game. 9/6 refers to 9 for 1 payback on a straight, and 6 for 1 payback on a flush. You can see how 9/6 games are preferable to the standard 8/5: more bang for your buck.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is what it sounds like standard 5 card draw with Jacks or Better rules, only with deuces thrown in as wild cards. This not only alter the pay table, but the hands possible in deuces wild (as well as Joker's Wild, etc) you have the possibility of hitting a 5 of a kind or 5 deuces, both of which have huge payouts. Unfortunately, Deuces Wild machines are expensive to play, and inexperienced players may never have a shot at those big payouts.

Bonus Poker

In this game, there are no wilds, but there are "bonuses" for Video Poker Games - VideoPoker Games certain 4 of a kind hands. Different Bonus games will have different special hands, and you should (as always) check the table out to determine what kind of bonus you're playing for. The key on these machines is to go for those four of a kind hands.

Double Bonus Poker

Very similar to the above Bonus Poker, with four of a kind hands being handsomely rewarded, but featuring an additional bonus for four Aces. But with a minimum 25 cent bet, this machine may not reward those players without excellent strategy.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Same as above, but featuring yet another bonus for paired hands. These games pay tables are particularly difficult to absorb on first glance, so experience players could clean up here, leaving newbies in the dust.

Pickem Poker

As a relatively new and unusually game, Pickem Poker is unfamiliar to traditional poker players. It is more like a Stud game, but also quite different. You are dealt two cards on your left face down, these will later become your final two cards. You are also dealt three sets of three on your right, and are allowed to choose from this pile to build your best hand. Once you've chosen, the two on your left are revealed and the game moves on as it traditionally does. Pickem is a good bet, because its pay table starts low (a pair of 9s is a scoring hand) and like Jacks or Better, the return can often be over 100%.

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